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Since the pandemic, most of us have experienced some sort of restriction with how we attend church. Many churches had limited capacities enforced on them; others had to stop meeting entirely. But now, restrictions are lifting in many places across the globe. We’re slowly getting back to normal.

But not in China...

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A 100-Year Struggle With The Chinese Communist Party

Over the past several years, as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has closed in on its 100-year anniversary, they have implemented several new religious laws that have further taken away basic religious freedoms. The level in which the CCP is monitoring their people is shocking!

One of the most concerning forms of government monitoring is Emotion-Recognition Technologies – a way for cameras to monitor facial expressions of sadness, anger, boredom, or happiness. Emotion-recognition not only identifies a person via camera but identifies how that person is feeling and then stores this information to build a profile. 

Leaders in China, including President Xi Jinping, have stated one of the purposes behind this technology is to promote “positive energy” among their citizens. It’s a part of their overall goal to encourage specific expressions of emotions and diminish others.

How oppressive is this?

The communist government is so controlling they want to monitor someone’s emotions and then tell them “how” to feel.

World Compassion’s staff in China interacts weekly with leaders who use our ABC Bible School and Missions Training courses. One of our ABC group leaders shared, “Now all over Nanyang you can find slogans like this, ‘If anyone reports that there is a large gathering, you can receive a reward of 2000-5000 rmb ($300-$800).’”

In most places churches continue to be restricted to groups of 10-15 people, and this is not COVID related. As we’ve shared before, breaking up larger groups into smaller ones creates a need for more trained leaders to preach God’s Word. One Chinese pastor said it this way, “Having enough preachers is our long-term problem in China.”

Helping train leaders to provide spiritual food has been and is World Compassion’s long-term mission in China. We do this through our ABC Bible and China Mission Courses.

The ABC program has 336 comprehensive and systematic Bible training lessons. The curriculum helps train new believers from the basics of the faith all the way through to evangelism, marriage, leadership and church planting. Students are required to complete 125 specific lessons to receive a certificate of completion.

Right now we are adding another 500 students into our ABC course in China. That’s 500 new future leaders.

China Mission School (CMS) allows disciples to take the next step, giving them tools to learn how to share their faith with other cultures across China, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Preparing students who feel called to some form of missions work.

We have the ability to provide both courses through print and a variety of digital platforms such as USB and miniature audio devices.

In addition, we are in the process of developing a new online platform. Despite the security risk, a group of Chinese leaders are helping to expand our online capabilities to give students full access to our curriculum.

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