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Forgiveness is more than God canceling our sins; it also means that He has remitted them–forever blotted them out of His memory. They will never be brought up against you again, because there is nothing to remember. Remind yourself that God keeps no record of your sin, because it has been blotted out by the Blood. The blood of Jesus is all he sees!

Redemption goes even further than forgiveness, not just dealing with what you’ve done, but with who you are. Redemption is the work of Jesus Christ on your behalf, not only canceling your debt, but also releasing you from slavery to sin, and to sin consciousness. Redemption makes true transformation possible.

Nothing that you’ve ever done is too much for the mercy of God. Sorry, but you’re not that good at sinning! So remind yourself that God is not angry with you, and He doesn’t keep a running tally of your mistakes.

On the basis of Ephesians 1:7, you can regularly makes these two declarations:

  1. “According to Ephesians 1:7, by the blood of Jesus I am redeemed, bought back out of the hand of the devil.”
  1. “According to Ephesians 1:7, by the blood of Jesus all my sins are remitted. God has no memory of them. He wants me to accept the new me. I am forgiven, and I believe it!”

Another of my favorite verses is First John 1:7, “But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with on another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.” The word cleanses is in the continuing present tense in the Greek. It means that the blood of Jesus is continually cleansing you. You may have failed to do the right thing again yesterday. Ask for forgiveness again and believe you are cleansed. 

I have also found it very helpful to sing choruses that declare my righteousness through the blood of Jesus.

What can wash away my sin?

Nothing but the blood of Jesus;

What can make me whole again?

Nothing but the blood of Jesus,

Oh! precious is the flow…

As I sing such melodies daily, I reinforce my testimony to myself–and particularly to the accuser–that I am truly righteous.

This excerpt was taken from Dr. Terry Law’s book, The Power of Praise & Worship. The book can be purchased in our online shop.