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Have you ever stacked dominoes?

In May, as part of our Inside Iran experience, we shared an incredible story of a husband and wife from Iran, who are both doctors, and how they recently gave their lives to Christ.
We have more to share with you!

In the past few weeks this couple has now led 26 more people in Iran to Jesus! We’ve learned both the husband and wife are directors in the hospital they work in...meaning they have influence!

As the coronavirus escalated, the wife was asked to go to another hospital to help oversee the influx of patients. When she arrived, she saw that it was a place of depression. The medical staff was tired and looked defeated.

During one of her shifts, a nurse named Parsa tried to commit suicide.

They believe she tried to overdose on a drug in the hospital. Thankfully, they were able to stabilize her, but she was in a coma for several days.

The supervisor, who is a new Christian, was the one to take care of Parsa. She would go to her room on her breaks and pray over her in the name of Jesus.

When Parsa came out of her coma, she shared with her supervisor a dream she had...

“I couldn’t see anything but darkness, and I could hear a voice off in the distance talking. I could hear the words Jesus Christ. As my sight became more clear, I could see that I was in a pit. Someone held my hand and took me to a lake. There were so many fish there. We started taking the fish and putting them into a river.”

What a powerful image of rescuing people from the stagnant belief of Islam (the lake) and leading them to a place of trust in Jesus where there is now “rivers of living water.”

Parsa’s supervisor explained, “That was my voice you were hearing while in your coma. I have been praying for you in the name of Jesus.” She went on to explain how Jesus is Parsa’s healer and savior. After listening to her supervisor explain the gospel message, Parsa gave her life to Jesus!

This story gets even better...

Parsa had a few days to go home and rest. Both Parsa and her husband had many problems in their marriage. He was a drug addict. When she went home, she shared with her husband all that had happened and how she also forgave him.

He was shocked, started to cry and then shared a story with his wife.

“Three days ago I was so tired of my life that I wanted to take a needle and put air in my veins to die. During that time I could hear someone saying Jesus Christ, and no matter what, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

He went on to share how he fell asleep and had a dream where two hands came and opened his heart. “It was very dark but someone put blood on the dark places. And I could see my heart become alive.”

When he woke up, he remembered hearing the name of Jesus and began asking his friends if they knew who He was. But nobody could tell him.

It all started to make sense when Parsa came home and shared her story with him. This is why he started to cry. After this he threw away all of his drugs and gave his life to the Lord. They both now have the understanding that they are new creations in Christ!

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