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The refugee crisis caused by the war has unfolded to be the worst in 20 years with a potential to become worse. Despite the various opinions about what the US should or should not do in response to Chemical weapons use, as The Church on the earth today, we have a tremendous opportunity before us.

As we have shared on previous blogs, the true victims of this crisis are the innocent bystanders throughout Syria who are going about their daily routines, working, going to school and fulfilling dreams and plans for their lives. Now they have been uprooted and forced to flee their country with the clothes on their back and whatever they can carry.

Many of the refugees are part of the middle class much like most of us here in the U.S. They are the true victims.

Recently, while driving home from work, I was praying about World Compassion’s involvement in our refugee efforts. That day I remembered seeing a clip of thousands of people walking across the border out of Syria into Kurdistan (an autonomous region of northern Iraq). It was probably similar to what it must have looked like when the Israelites fled Egypt.
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Just like the time God asked Moses and ultimately Joshua to rescue the Israelites from Egypt and lead them to the Promise Land, I believe God is calling The Body of Christ today to respond to this crisis as an opportunity to rescue the refugees (mostly Muslims) from the deception and bondage of Islam and INTO the promised blessing of salvation through Jesus Christ.

It’s important to remember that God loves Muslim people and so should we. Many Muslims believe they are descendants of Ishmael. Throughout the story of Isaac and Ishmael, God communicates his blessing and promise on Ishmael’s descendants as much as He does Isaac’s. We know God’s covenant was established through Isaac as Jesus was born through the lineage of Isaac. However, that does not mean “the sons of Ishmael” are not blessed and it’s not God’s desire for them to be saved through Jesus Christ.

It’s God’s desire that none should perish–this includes Muslims.

The religion of Islam is one of the major “spiritual giants” the Church faces today, not the Muslim people.

We are The Church, God’s vessels on the earth today. And there is a tremendous opportunity to advance His Kingdom of Love. As we work together, we have an opportunity to host a nation of people, to meet their need, listen to their stories and pray for them.

Moses, Joshua and the Israelites had to learn to be obedient to God throughout the process. When he said “move” it was time to MOVE. I believe this Syrian Refugee Crisis, as a bad as the situation is, can be used to communicate God’s love for these people. It’s an opportunity for The Body of Christ to MOVE. If you have ever wanted to change the world now is an opportunity. Together, as the Body of Christ we have a chance to link arms and respond to this crisis, and in doing, so we will demonstrate the love God has for these people through His Son Jesus Christ.

It’s not to shove our religious beliefs down the throat of unbelievers but to share the love and compassion of Christ.


Meeting the needs of these refugees creates an opportunity to communicate the Gospel message with the hope that those we help will choose to make Jesus the Lord of their life. But if they don’t, we will continue to help and love them. We serve them because God loves them and so should we—not so they become Christians. Yet, we would be selfish if our desire wasn’t to see them become followers of Christ. As Christians, we know that the only way to God is salvation through Jesus Christ. The Syrian refugees need Jesus as much as we do, and it’s our calling to lead them to Him.