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Can you imagine living in a brand new place as an 11-year-old, where everything is unfamiliar to you? Trying to adjust to a new environment, new schedule, and new family… You can recognize all of these changes are good, but you feel a little overwhelmed by it all. You are beginning to feel loved and included for the first time in your life, but what if someone could give you the extra affirmation you needed?

This is what Hse Hse Htoo (pronounced “Say Say Two”) experienced when she first arrived at World Compassion’s children’s home in Burma. In her early days at the home, Hse Hse Htoo was often uncomfortable having her picture taken, and as an introvert, she had trouble adjusting to life with so many siblings.

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Joyce, a World Compassion partner, noticed Hse Hse Htoo standing apart from the group in a picture (above). Feeling compassion for this little girl who seemed uncomfortable and distant in this photo, Joyce decided she wanted to become one of Hse Hse Htoo’s sponsors. Joyce told us that she wanted Hse Hse Htoo to feel included, loved, and chosen.

Because of the prayers, generosity, and encouraging letters from partners like Joyce, Hse Hse Htoo’s life has been transformed. Hse Hse Htoo has more confidence and self-esteem, enjoys playing “Fishers of Men” with her siblings, and helps care for the younger children. She is truly growing up to be a beautiful young woman.

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You can see this transformation for yourself in this video! (1:19 – 1:26)

Of her experience so far, Hse Hse Htoo says, “I am so happy to be here. God has given me a new father and mother. The house is very beautiful, safe, and clean. I thank God I have the privilege to stay in a safe and beautiful house. I have better food and better clothes to wear. I thank God and all the donors for providing us with good clothing and food. I eat delicious food everyday, and I am very happy.”

Hse Hse Htoo’s story is just one example on how being chosen by a sponsor and included in a family can be a transforming experience for a child. You can give a child the extra affirmation and love they need to feel included, loved, and chosen today.

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