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Great men of God, pastors and teachers everywhere, are saying that God is using prayer – intercessory prayer – prayer like we have never known before as a mighty part of His arsenal in the Body of Christ.

If we want to see God move more powerfully, we are going to have to get involved in more prayer, the kind that destroys strongholds. We need to do it individually in our own personal prayer times, as well as corporately in churches and other Christian group meetings.

According to God’s Word, prayer changes things – James 5:16: …The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. But in order to change things, prayer has to launch weapons. Mediocre, lifeless, effortless prayers will never defeat the enemy or even shake him loose from his hold on this world. It’s going to take more than that to make him let go of his prey.

In your praying, if you are not actively, powerfully throwing the Word, the Name, and the Blood at the devil and his strongholds, then your prayers will not be effective. That is what James means when he writes that our prayers must be fervent.  They must be intense, powerful, energized by the Word, the Name, and the Blood. Prayer has to use these weapons to give it power and make it accomplish effectively what it was intended to do.

This blog is an excerpt from Your Spiritual Weapons by Dr. Terry Law. Your Spiritual Weapons  can be purchased in our online shop.