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Just a few weeks ago, as we celebrated the grand opening of our new orphanage in Burma, we were reminded of the harsh reality children face in this country. Moe Moe Aye, a four year old little girl, was recently sold by her grandmother who lost hope in trying to care for her. Although we had been trying to help the grandmother through the local pastor who oversees our orphanage in Burma, she ultimately chose to sell her for financial gain, buying into the deception that this would provide a better life for Moe Moe Aye.

Having a 5 year old daughter myself, I can’t begin to imagine how a parent or grandparent can come to a decision to sell their child. We are doing everything we can to find Moe Moe Aye, and bring her back to live safely in the new children’s home.

Despite how heartbreaking this is, I stand encouraged by the fact there are 22 children currently living in this new home who will never have to fear this reality again. We are raising these children as if they were our very own, in a loving, safe, and Christ-centered environment. We provide them with what they need, so they can live a carefree childhood.

As we asked the kids what they were most excited about in their new home, almost every one of the children said “the showers.” Up to this point, these children had always used a bucket to pour water over themselves to bathe.

One of the staff members at our new children’s home shared how the kids at school are now jealous of the orphans and their living conditions. The children in our home, once rejected, lost, hurting, hungry, and homeless, are now in a loving, safe, comfortable environment. They were once looked down upon, and now, they are being looked up to.

Love brings peace. Our children know they are loved, and the safety this love provides, restores their peace. We have seen this peace show itself in their smiles, their joy, and their rest.

I think about Samuel, a young boy who is sponsored every month by the Postons, friends and partners of World Compassion. When we saw him last month, he was full of joy, playing with his friends and shooting his new toy gun.

Take a moment to watch Seth and Reanna Poston share their heart about Samuel.

Mya Kyar Phyu is a 6-year-old girl my family supports. I can still remember the first time I met her. When I saw her and her two sisters, three beautiful little girls, all I could see was my own daughter’s face in their smiles. My heart leaped to want to help them.

We chose Mya Kyar Phyu for many reasons, but one was because she is close to my daughter’s age. By supporting her, it also created an opportunity for me to teach my children 1) to be thankful for the life they have and 2) that the blessings of our lives comes with a responsibility to help others. We’re teaching our children to put love in action!

There are currently 22 children living in our new orphanage in Burma. 17 still need sponsors. Up to this point, we have funded them out of our general operating budget. Once the remaining children are sponsored, we can open our doors to additional children and prevent them from experiencing the tragedy that Moe Moe Aye is going through.

We want to invite you to join us in sponsoring one of the children in this home. Take a moment to learn about the kids and see if God impresses upon you to help care for one of these children.

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