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No one can care for all 1.6 million orphans in Burma, but anyone can make a difference in the life of one child.

In November, I had the incredible chance of witnessing one of our children meet her sponsor for the very first time.

My friend Ville, who sponsors seven-year-old Hnin Yu Hlaing, joined us for our annual leadership conference as a guest speaker. After the conference, we drove out of the city to visit the children’s home. As we greeted the children, Ville kept an eye out for Hnin Yu Hlaing.



When she approached the group a few minutes later, he took out his phone and pulled up one of her pictures. He tilted the screen toward her and pointed – “I am your sponsor.” It took a few repetitions to break the language barrier, but once she understood, her eyes lit up. A wide, shy smile spread across her cheeks. Hnin hugged Ville and skipped off in a hurry.

A few moments later she returned. She wore a clean dress and new thanaka (Burmese makeup) on her face. In her hands, she proudly held out all the letters and cards Ville and his wife had sent to her. It was clear by their pristine condition that Ville’s letters were among her most treasured possessions.

Over the next two days, Hnin drew Ville pictures, wrote him letters, and stuck by his side. They took lots of “selfies” and held hands. Her smile gave her away – she felt chosen and delighted in.

You too can be the hero for a child waiting to be chosen.

When you choose to sponsor a child through World Compassion, you are entering a beautiful and reciprocal relationship with the child you select. Your monthly sponsorship provides for all of their daily needs, but what means the most to them is your love and encouragement.

World Compassion will send you a Welcome Pack with pictures and information about your child in addition to ongoing updates, letters, and pictures of your child as they grow throughout the year. You will also have the opportunity to interact with your child through encouraging letters and cards throughout the year.

So go meet the children and find the child who’s waiting for you.

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