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Age: 12
Favorite color: White
Favorite food: Beef
Favorite animal: Small white puppies
Favorite subject in school: Math
Wants to be an: Engineer

I was abandoned by my mother right after I was born. My mother left her at a stranger’s house, and an elderly widow decided to take me in. About eight years later, this woman knew she could not take care of me for very much longer because of her age. She could not provide for me, and I couldn’t go to school. She brought me here, because she knew it would be best for my future.

When I came to this place, the pastor told me that if I wanted to, I could go to school. So I stayed here. I have many friends that live here with me, which makes me happy. I feel no more loneliness. I am learning a lot in school, and have made more than 20 friends in my class. I study hard in English and I get good grades.

Because of God’s grace, I know that God is doing new things in my life. I know I have a bright future because my new mom and dad here really take care of me, and I believe they will help me find good things in my life. I also believe they will help me. When we put our hope and trust in God, He provided the home we needed. God bless everyone.

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