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I am a girl studying to be a lawyer in the town of Hasaka.  My Dad owns restaurants and has provided a nice life.  I am thankful for the opportunity to study for my law degree.  Unfortunately the war has changed all of that.

Recently a battle erupted between The Regime and Free Syrian Army on our college campus.  We were in our dorm room studying when bullets shot through the windows shattering glass everywhere.  We were caught in the crossfire between Syrian army and the rebels.  I called my Dad in a panic and said we needed to leave the country.

We had a good life, but fled our homeland in panic, walking for hours until my feet bled.   Now we are refugees.  I have no idea what the future looks like and I miss my home.

Today we are thankful to receive the food and the Bibles that were given to us from World Compassion.  We are grateful for the food that will last us for weeks!