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This is Afghanistan — a nation traumatized and fatigued by decades of war, oppressed by religious and political violence, addicted to and funded by opium, and crippled by unrelenting poverty.

In a land so desperate for hope, proselytizing is illegal, and conversion from Islam is punishable by death according to Afghan law. It is a country said to be the second most hostile nation to the Gospel in the entire world.

World Compassion believes this cycle of poverty and hopelessness can be halted, giving Afghanistan the chance at a brighter future. We believe this, because we have seen it with our own eyes.

Sitting outside of our classroom in the rural Bamiyan Province of Afghanistan, one can see boys competing in volleyball and playing with old tires after their classes. Many of the girls sit facing the sun, soaking up its gracious heat in the frigid winter months. These women and children smile, because they feel, many for the first times in their lives, that they now have a chance at a good life. One of these students is Ta Hira.

“My name is Ta Hira, and I am Afghanistan. My husband is a hard worker with a plan to start a business, but he is illiterate. In spite of his skills, he will never be successful as a businessman without help.

“I rent a room in the dirty, noisy bazaar with one of my children and four other female students. At the start of every week, I travel to the town where our classes are, and at the end of every week, I travel back to my own village just to have a day with my family.

“Now, unlike most of the people in my village, my children and I will receive an education, and will be able to bring these skills to my husband’s business, reaping benefits for my entire family for a lifetime!”

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World Compassion is bringing hope to Afghanistan by offering free educational courses in some of the most hostile and poverty-stricken regions of the country. We have already graduated over 8,000 students from our programs in English and Computers. Each of these students have a story like Ta Hira’s, each being able to break free of the cycle of poverty and live a life of hope.

This work opens the door to building relationships with students and the community as a whole, and is laying the ground work to share the gospel in this country.

“Hi my name is Hawa, and I am Afghanistan. My sister and I come here and learn more and more in this school. Thanks a lot to World Compassion. This school really changed our life, so we will change our nation’s future in the next few years.”
Hawa [top-right]

Hawa [top-right]

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