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I am 21 years old and starting a new life in the refugee camp in Northern Iraq.

When the war broke out my family left Syria. I was kicked out of my high school and was recruited by Assad’s army to fight for the Regime.

It was a job, but we were only paid $2 USD per month, and were used like slave labor.

If you have money, you can pay the officers off and they will allow you to go home. I had no money so I had to stay and fight for them. I had never seen blood like what I saw in battle. During battles I saw hundreds of the dead bodies everywhere, and dogs eating their flesh and organs.

Finally I fled, and left Syria to Northern Iraq as a refugee.

I cant sleep at night. Sometimes I hear sounds and think there are bombs going off again. Something as simple as a glass breaking can bring me fear. It is so nice that you are here just to hear my story and share in my suffering.