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Ida and family
47-year-old mother
Living in Ankawa Mall

August 6th, 2014: ISIS Invades Karagosh. A woman and two girls die. The crisis causes a flurry of fear and much of the city packs whatever they can and flees.

Today: Ida is 47 and is married to a 63-year-old man who has been blind since birth. They have five children, three sons and two daughters… until ISIS came. When Karagosh was invaded, her family decided to stay in the city until they formulated a plan on where to go. But, before they could get out, ISIS showed up at their door. ISIS could’ve killed Ida and her family for being Christians, but instead, they did something that most mothers would agree is much worse.

They kidnapped her youngest daughter Christina. Christina is not even four years old.

Ida, with sorrow and depression showing in her face, described the agony of missing her daughter. They stayed in the city for two weeks, pleading with ISIS to get Christina back. An agreement of one million dinar (about $850) was arranged in order to get their daughter back, but after the payment was made, the deal was broken. ISIS declared, “Leave now, or we will kill you.”

It’s been nearly five months and the family has lost contact with poor Christina.

Ida and her husband live in a refugee camp with their other daughter, Besma, and one of their sons named Christmas, born on the 26th of December.

Day in and day out, the family exists – barely. The only thing that keeps them going is the distant hope they will see Christina once again.

How can a mother live with the thought of her youngest baby lost to a group of heartless villains?

Ida, was not able to adequately answer that question.

We can’t fix the situation, but we can reach the people affected by it. Every refugee we’ve met has a story as tragic as Ida’s, and they are desperate for not only our continued prayers, but our help. These are the families World Compassion is supporting every month through food and aid distributions. The support you provide is truly life-giving in the midst of this tragedy, as those we serve are connected with local Churches and Christians who are there to love and support them through the darkest of times.

Please continue to pray for all the refugees affected by the situation and for the 8,400 being cared for each day by World Compassion. And if you are able, please give a gift to provide continued support to a refugee like Ida.


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One Comment

  • Fred & Peggy Tettenburn says:

    Father God, You hate injustice and You stand against evil. Therefore, we thank You and decree and declare Almighty Father, that you have exposed and destroyed the schemes that the enemy has planned against Christina and that Your angels, who excel in strength, that do Your commandments, and harken unto the voice of Your Word are warching over and protecting Christian from any harm. We proclaim that the angel of the LORD encamps around Christina and You have delivered her. Lord Almighty you will make a way where there seems to be no way and we confess that Your favor is upon Christina and she has been rescued/released from her captives -for You came to set the captives free (not only Spiritually but also Physically). We profess that Your Glory follows after Christina as her rear guard and You are her refuge. We cancell all the plans of the enemy against Christian; we speak the protective covering of the Blood of Jesus Christ over her, and declare that You are upholding her with Your everlasting arms. We thank You for Your Great Grace over Christina and what the enemy meant for evil, You Lord God will turn around for good and for Your Glory. With the authority we have as children of Almighty God, creator of heaven and earth and Christin’s creator; in the Power of Holy Spirit, the same Power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead; and in the Name of Jesus Christ, the name above ISIS, the Name above kidnapping, the Name above every evil work, we decree and declare that Christina is safe, protected and quickly returned to her parents. Amen & Amen.