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I was recently speaking at a church in Tennessee for a healing service. As we began, I first asked how many people needed to forgive somebody and hadn’t done it. I would probably say there were about 50 people in the audience who had raised their hand. They had not forgiven someone and it was a serious issue for them.

So I told them in the act of prayer to pray for the person who had hurt them. As these people prayed, we had an explosion of healing break out around the service.

There was one young lady who I remember distinctly. She had been hurt by her boyfriend – emotionally and physically abused. She was very angry with him. At the end of the service she came up to me weeping and telling me she’d had a foot injury caused by some kind of an accident. Even after three operations on the foot it still continued to hurt all the time.

Then she told me, “When I asked God to bless the guy who had abused me,” she cried, “all of a sudden, my leg began to burn. My foot is totally healed!” She was weeping – just weeping – so full of the joy of the Lord. It was a wonderful moment.

I want to encourage you today – don’t allow unforgiveness to rob you any longer of your health. If you’re carrying unforgiveness towards someone, take a moment and forgive them. Pray for that person to be blessed in all they do. It will set you free!

We believe you will be healed, and when you are, we would love to hear your story. Below is a box where you can share your story with us or let us know how we can be praying for you. Write to us now and we will be in prayer for you!

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