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"Let's Go!"

...A lesson from a Legend

August 31st will mark the one-year anniversary of the passing of my dad - the founder of World Compassion, Dr. Terry Law.

As a kid, whenever my dad was trying to get the family out of the house to go somewhere, he would stand at the bottom of the stairs and yell a loud, long and deep, “Let’s Gooooooo!” This meant he was ready to leave, and we better be too.

My dad’s life was punctuated by GO!

Jesus said, “Go, and make disciples of all nations…” My dad did, and because he did, World Compassion exists today.

One of the things my dad taught us was, “God opens doors for those who will GO.”

I think a lot of times in our lives we get stuck standing still, waiting for everything to fall into place before we make a move. We’re looking for that sure sign that God will direct us to the next thing we feel He wants us to do. But more times than not, I think God is looking for us to simply take the next step. As we do, He promises to “direct our steps” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Is there something you’re waiting for God to show you? Are you looking for direction?

What step can you take today toward what you’re trusting God for? Be wise about it, but do something that puts you in motion.  

It could be a conversation to explore an idea or a relationship of some kind. It might be researching a new area to move to or a business to start. It could be a time of prayer and fasting to really discern the voice of God in your life. Whatever it may be, identify the next step you can take and take it. 

When it came to reaching nations hostile to the Gospel, my dad wasn’t too concerned about having all the details in place before he would go. As soon as he believed he had heard from the Lord to go to a country, he wanted just enough information to have a landing place, and off he went. 

He believed in the “going”, that the Holy Spirit would lead, open doors and supply key partners to accomplish the mission. 

Responding to this leading is what opened the door to now more than 52 years of ministry for World Compassion.

I hope this lesson of “going” will inspire you, to take a step toward your own calling, your own dreams and watch God begin to write your story.

Dr. Terry Law

World Compassion Founder

Dr. Terry & Jason Law

The Middle East | 2004

Jason Law is president of World Compassion, founded in 1969 by his father, Dr. Terry Law. Jason has a passion to see the local church unite and impact their nation as the Body of Christ.


Refugee family in Afghanistan seeking help

For over a decade, World Compassion ran educational programs in Afghanistan.

We trained over 8,000 women and children in literacy, English, and computer skills. Many who went through these programs continued on to have great jobs, including working in the local government.

Now, we’re working with families who desperately need our help. So far, we’ve identified 150 families that need assistance. Our teams are continually identifying more within house churches to offer them urgent relief. The immediate need is to provide housing, food, water, basic living items and transportation funds.

Going to China in the early 90s set the development of our ABC Discipleship and Leadership training curriculum in motion. Later our China Mission School (CMS) was added. 

We currently use both of these timeless materials to “go make disciples” and develop emerging leaders.

Today, the Church in China is navigating severe restrictions, much like they did in the 60s. Churches are being broken up, and as a result, there is an increasing demand for more trained leaders. 

In Myanmar, the Burmese people experienced a military coup earlier this year, setting the country back in their progress toward true democracy and putting the country in economic stress.

In the midst of these restrictions, we’re actively preparing over 5,000 people in China and Myanmar to “GO” to the unreached in their own countries and beyond while getting ready to start hundreds more in the coming weeks!

Emerging leader in China receives ABC Discipleship curriculum

Iranian couple holds Bibles for the first time

In Iran, requests for Bibles are at an all-time high.

We recently smuggled 10,000 Bibles into Iran in one week, making a grand total of over 195,000 Bibles provided for people in this restricted nation!

As Bibles are handed out, each Bible provides a one-on-one ministry opportunity for someone in the growing Iranian church. They are able to further share the Gospel, invite that person to church and offer them an opportunity to begin a discipleship journey.

How many displaced families can you help in Afghanistan? How many disciples could you help train in China or Myanmar? How many people could you reach with a Bible in countries like Iran?

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