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The nation of China is still a difficult place to share the gospel, and yet despite the ongoing persecution, the church is continuing to flourish. Living under the radar of government monitoring and having weekly services in cramped apartments, the Chinese church is growing at an extremely fast pace, but they lack the necessary leadership to disciple and mentor these new believers. Additionally, many Christians desire to take the good news they have received to the rest of the world and need to be trained on how to accomplish these goals.

Seeing this need, World Compassion developed the China Mission School curriculum in order to specifically meet the training needs in the Chinese church. The materials cover doctrine but also address other important topics like leadership, evangelism, cross-cultural communication, world religions, church planting, and more.

Bible schools throughout China have found CMS extremely helpful and rave about how intuitive the program is in discipling the future leaders of the church in China. These leaders will not only help the nation of China, but they will also reach the nations of the world as they become the next wave of missionaries.

Every time you donate, you help provide the way for hundreds of new students who go through this program every year. These students are sacrificially giving their lives and risking their safety to make sure that the gospel is shared, and your sacrificial giving makes that possible

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