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Age: 9
Favorite color: Red
Favorite activity: Football
Favorite food: Chicken
Dream job: Doctor
Siblings in Orphanage: Naing Zaw Latt

My father was a mean man. He never hit us, but would get drunk and complain, fighting with our mother and making life unpleasant for everyone. Then one day he died because of his drinking. Our mother was an artist and sold clay pots that she had drawn pretty pictures on for a little bit of money. Her income was not enough to put food on the table.

One brother was in jail, and three months after my father died, my mother gave up trying to raise me and my brother, Naing Zaw Latt. She took us to live with our aunt, and she loved us. However, there was never food. Once our aunt had a little baby, we hardly ever had food to eat. I had to cook and carry buckets of water. I couldn’t go to school. Finally, my aunt took me to live here.

Now that I am here, I have enough food to eat, and I know God loves me. I have felt the love from all the sponsoring families in the U.S. I will always be praying for you all.

Naing Ko Latt is fully sponsored! Below, you can see other orphans in Burma who still need your help.