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Age: 12
Dream job: Principal or teacher
Favorite color: Red
Favorite activity: Football
Favorite food: Fried water crest

Our mother was an artist, and used to sell clay pots for a little bit of money. Her income was not enough to put food on the table. But, after my father passed away because of drinking, my mother left me and my little brother with my aunt to look for a job. She gave up on raising us. My aunt did not feed my brother and me very well, because she had a new baby. She sent us to this home in the end.

As soon as I arrived here, I began having a happy, joyful life. I got a new family in this place. I eat good food, such as fried rice, yellow beans, and meat. I thank all the donors for the food, clothing, and the new building. I am always remembering and praying for you.

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