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Ramiz (pictured above in the red scarf) just crossed the border five days ago to return to his hometown in Afghanistan. His mother brought him to our course and requested that we accept him in, but we didn’t have space for another student. His mother pleaded with us and convinced us take him because she said Ramiz is very unhappy to have to come back home to Afghanistan.

When we asked him why he was not happy to return, 17-year-old Ramiz said,

“There is no hope in Afghanistan, nothing for young people especially. The government is not paying attention to the people, to education, and other problems.”

We changed the way of his thinking by giving him free books and stationary and the chance to learn in our education project. He can continue his studies from now on without having to pay any fees for books or stationary, he can just pay attention to his studies.

At the end he said,

“I now think there is hope because there is someone to give us hope to live. I will gain many friends here. Thank you, World Compassion group.”