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Saw Kant Way Tun is one of three children in our new orphanage that has been fully sponsored. We knew how much this care meant to Kant Way Tun when he told us how excited he was for his new bed: “I am told I will have my own bed. I have never slept in a bed before.”

Now in only a few short weeks, the children will be ready to move in, and Kant Way Tun will enjoy his brand new bed! Below is a short note he wrote to his sponsors.

“First of all, I want to thank God. I want to thank everyone. Thank you for the food and clothing as well. Thank God for the big building that was built (referring to the new orphanage). I am praying for all the teachers.”

Thank you for your generosity that made this little boy’s dream come true. There are still more children in our care who are waiting for sponsors. Please take time to read their stories and prayerfully consider helping us raise one of these children.