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Age: 13
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite food: Vegetables
Favorite animal: Cats
Favorite activity: Football
Dream job: Architect – “someday I want to design church buildings.”
Would like to: Visit the USA.

The only thing I can remember from when I was little was being beaten when I was five by my dad. I also remember that my dad never left the house, but stayed home and drank, while my mother would go to work at a store. All I could do was pray. I prayed my dad would change. There were times our family went without food, and finally me and my sisters were left at the church.

I was not scared, but I did miss my mother a lot. I miss my mother, but I am happy here with my new family. They feed us very well and give us the best clothing. Big thanks to God and everyone in the U.S. for supporting us and building this home. God bless you all.

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