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Although the crisis in the Middle East has almost become an afterthought in our world today, the difficulties remain and have in cases amplified for thousands of families in Iraq.

It’s estimated that there are over 1 million school-aged girls and boys who are currently displaced in Iraq. Roughly 70 percent of whom have lost almost a year’s worth or more of education. The combination of a lack of schools, teachers and employment opportunities is causing a generation to go uneducated.

Some have called this group a “lost generation.” As these children go longer and longer without education, it becomes more likely that they’ll eventually pick up a gun and fight with extremist groups as it’s their only option to survive.

One in five schools in the country are no longer functioning as a result of the lack of funding. This has caused some classrooms to grow to one hundred children or more. With class sizes this large, there is very little hope that students will receive a decent education. For the children that still choose to attend, they often must walk much longer distances.

Many of their parents will eventually keep them home due to the extreme weather in the summer and winter months, as well as the safety risk of a child traveling alone in this hostile environment. Families that struggle to provide food and other necessities are also looking to their kids to work and support the home. Because of all these obstacles, the number of uneducated children will climb. The challenge is staggering.

As an organization, we are expanding our work in Iraq from relief to relief and rehabilitation.

Education is key in rehabilitating and transforming the landscape of Iraq and changing the cycle of poverty and violence.

Right now, World Compassion is investing in launching a school that will educate up to 200 students. We have Christians on staff in Iraq who will not only ensure that these children will get a wonderful education but will also be shown the love of Jesus Christ so that they might be reached with the Gospel and may reach their families as well.

This overwhelming need continues to be an overwhelming opportunity. It’s an opportunity to show we are still here to serve, help and love them. An opportunity for Muslim families to see the love of Christ. God and his Church have not given up on them!

Luke 19:10For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”


They don’t have to go uneducated; they don’t have to be “lost”. Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. That is now our mission. Providing education is a way we can “seek” those people giving us an opportunity to lead them to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Your ongoing prayers and financial support are critical during this time, and we want to thank you in advance for the hope and purpose you give to this generation of children.

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