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The Bible mentions music more than 800 times. That is no minor emphasis. God places great importance on how we respond to Him, and music is one of the primary vehicles He has given us to do so.  

Psalm 100:2 commands us to “come before His presence with singing.” That is His protocol, not merely one option among others. If we are going to come before the King of kings and Lord of lords, we must come in the prescribed way, with singing. That’s how important—how cherished—music is to out Father’s heart.

Lucifer no longer hovers by the throne, covering the glory of God with praise and worship. But God still requires the praise that is due to Him from all creation, and He will have that praise from His Church. He will receive it from a race of beings who praise Him not simply because it is His command, but because they want to worship Him, and have made the decision to do so.

This contributes to the honor and glory of God in a much greater way than the praise of angels, greater, in fact, than lucifer’s praise before he fell. There simply is no comparison between the commanded praise of angels and the freely lavished love of sons and daughters.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of being sensitive to the Holy Spirit in the area of music. As the spiritual war for the souls of nations intensifies, we need inspired singing and instrumental music in the Church more than ever before. God uses music to powerfully express His will to the Church, and in turn the Church should use music not only to praise the Lord, but also to proclaim God’s will to the world.

As history progresses toward its climax, praise and worship will continue building, ascending to God with great power from the congregation of the redeemed. We must abandon ourselves to Him as musicians and singers so that He can use us to display His might and glory to a world in darkness.

This excerpt was taken from Dr. Terry Law’s book, The Power of Praise & Worship. The book can be purchased in our online shop.



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  • Selvie Daniels says:

    Dr Terry,I was trying so hard to get in contact with you. I am a South African.I am going through some difficult times with my 20yr old son,Aaron, whose is suffering clinical depression. I was looking for some encouragement and went into my husband’s study.My eyes fell on this book The power of Praise and Worship.I picked it up and began to read.I cannot put the book down because of the gem I found in there.I’ve learnt so much from you,sir.My approach to prayer has changed. I do what you say we must do. I’ve learnt so much about the Name of the Lord,the Blood of Jesus and the Word of God and how to declare spiritual war on the devil. I do that everyday over my son’s life. I love you for sharing these truths with me. I look at your picture constantly on the back cover of the book and thank God profusely for using you to teach me and speak to me. I always pray for God’s blessing on you and your ministry, for touching lives all over the world. Inspite of the depression in my home I want to sing praises and worship my God. Dr Terry you’ve spoken directly into my life in the most appropriate times. Your book is truly Anointed!! I feel sad cos I’m at the last chapter. I really love you,sir and honor you for being a true servant of the Living God. I beg you Dr Terry to pray for my son, Aaron, to accept the Lord Jesus and to be healed from major depression. Being a mother, I cry daily to the Lord for him. Please help me with your prayers. God be with you in all that you are doing for Him and touching the lives of desperate individuals like me, across the globe. I feel so connected to you and to God as I read the book. I love you,I love you, I love you, Dr Terry. You taught me so much within these few days.
    The Lord be with you!

    Yours Sincerly
    Selvie Daniels