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I had the opportunity to sit in with Kevin, our media director, as he interviewed a couple of Iranian believers living in the Middle East over Skype. These experiences continue to frame my perspective in quite a different light than what I had expected. The conversation was full of laughter, genuine faith, and their awareness of the life of persecution which they live.

Through it all, they happily embrace their lot in life, getting on with building the local church, despite being interrupted by torture and random stints in prison. We watch movies about clandestine operations and think it’s “cool.” I can’t imagine living a lifetime of covert operations, where a wrong move could cost me and my family our lives. The stakes are high, but these believers treat it with a holy disregard that is refreshing.

As we wound down the conversation from our offices in America, I considered that they lived half way around the world, and at that very moment, were living in a culture that was hostile to the gospel.

They are not asking for deliverance— they are asking for our help.

Let’s do everything we can to get them the Bibles they so desperately need and support their efforts in bringing the gospel to Iran.


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  • Godwin Samuel says:

    thank you for the work you are doing in Iran . I will like to be a part of it, if it’s
    possible I love to share will people online.I need more information about the Compassion Terry Law Ministries.

  • Evangelist z Popoyi says:

    Thank you for the work that you doing in Iran may god bless you and Iwill also pray with you, by the help of God will change the Iran Country