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We receive testimony after testimony from our students throughout Asia on how World Compassion’s ABC Bible Training Curriculum has impacted their lives and strengthened their faith.

Below is a testimony from a church leader and ABC student who is not only using ABC to grow in knowledge and faith, but is also leading others and sharing the resource she has with those around her. This is what Sister Mei-Zhen (her name has been changed for security) shared:

Dear teachers of ABC who are supporting us spiritually, praying for us, and giving materials to us, I want to thank you for all your love and care for us and for the Chinese house churches. We have studied this material for quite a while. Although it is a long process, we are studying and growing in the Lord.

As one of the leaders of the church, I am very happy that we have access to ABC and we are benefiting through studying it a lot. Before ABC, we did not have good materials that could systematically take us through the whole Bible, and it was hard for us to prepare lessons to lead our people.

Now that we have ABC, we are the only church in our area that has a resource like this. Though we are a small church, we are introducing this to other churches, and we are also using what we have learned to teach others around us. We only have several sets of the study, and we have more students than ABC sets.

Again, thank you so much for your love and support for us and for the Chinese churches! I hope we all can serve his people better in the future.

Sister Mei-Zhen’s desire to serve the kingdom is easy to feel through reading her testimony, isn’t it? She is using every resource she has been given to equip those around her. It is this multiplication effect of ABC which makes it so impactful.

The most valuable thing we can do to invest in the lives of Chinese Christians like Sister Mei-Zhen is to provide them with the training materials they need to reach the lost and strengthen the churches in their nation.

There is still immense need for training materials in China and Burma. You can invest in our brothers and sisters in Asia today by providing a set of ABC books or a scholarship for the full ABC program!



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