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chemical weapons

IraqRefugee Relief

No Home

I am married and have two small children, 5 and 7 years old. I worked as an air conditioning repair man when we lived in Syria. Throughout the war, my family has been destroyed. One relative was shot and killed; (more…)
Syrian Refugee
October 22, 2013
NewsRefugee Relief

Facing Giants

The refugee crisis caused by the war has unfolded to be the worst in 20 years with a potential to become worse. Despite the various opinions about what the US should or should not do in response to Chemical weapons use, as The Church on the earth today, we have…
Jason Law
September 11, 2013
IraqRefugee Relief

Hospital Battlefield

I heard people screaming. I was in the hospital and the Syrian Soldiers were shooting civilians outside the six story hospital, bullets were hitting our building. All the hospital workers ran to the basement and left all the patients that could not run. (more…)
World Compassion Staff
August 28, 2013