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IraqRefugee Relief

Iraq Progress Update

Recently I was on a call with one of our main co-workers in Kurdistan, Pastor John, who was giving me an update on how World Compassion’s relief outreaches were going among refugees. While we talked, I got a clearer picture of what many of these refugees continue to face every…
Jason Law
February 23, 2015
IraqRefugee Relief

The Bottom Line

So often we tend to quantify a touched life, a changed life, with numbers on a page. The numerals that make up the "bottom line." But numbers can't tell the story of the humanity behind them— the relationships formed, gifts received, meals shared and stories told. A bottom line stretches…
World Compassion Staff
November 7, 2013
IraqNewsRefugee Relief

The Open Door

Our work with Syrian refugees is progressing. The opportunity we have had to build relationships with Syrian refugees of Kurdish descent has changed their outlook on Islam and Christianity. Trust between us and them has created an opportunity for open dialogue. (more…)
World Compassion Staff
September 9, 2013