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IraqRefugee Relief

Hannah’s Story

What looks like an up and coming four-story city mall is really an unfinished concrete high rise, housing nearly 410 families on the outskirts of Ankawa. Nearly all refugees living here, 1,655 in total, are ethnic Christians who fled the city of Karagosh. Hannah is one of the fortunate ones who has found…
IraqRefugee Relief

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Ida and family 47-year-old mother Living in Ankawa Mall August 6th, 2014: ISIS Invades Karagosh. A woman and two girls die. The crisis causes a flurry of fear and much of the city packs whatever they can and flees. Today: Ida is 47 and is married to a 63-year-old man…
IraqRefugee Relief

The Bottom Line

So often we tend to quantify a touched life, a changed life, with numbers on a page. The numerals that make up the "bottom line." But numbers can't tell the story of the humanity behind them— the relationships formed, gifts received, meals shared and stories told. A bottom line stretches…
World Compassion Staff
November 7, 2013