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IraqRefugee Relief

Iraq Progress Update

Recently I was on a call with one of our main co-workers in Kurdistan, Pastor John, who was giving me an update on how World Compassion’s relief outreaches were going among refugees. While we talked, I got a clearer picture of what many of these refugees continue to face every…
Jason Law
February 23, 2015
Spiritual Development

The Voice of Hope

Everyone longs for hope, and in most cases it is either fanned into flame or extinguished with words. King Solomon had it right: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Jesus constantly spoke life-giving words of hope to those around Him. (more…)
Terry Law
January 20, 2014
IraqRefugee ReliefSpiritual Development


Planting a field takes incredible work.  Tilling the ground to remove rocks and stumps and to turn the soil in preparation for planting seeds and harvesting the crops take time, commitment, and hard work.  It is truly "ground breaking" work, but quite a humble process. (more…)
World Compassion Staff
November 26, 2013