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IraqRefugee Relief

Ivana's Smile

  Standing in the courtyard of his church where hundreds of refugees now live, Pastor Raja (name has been changed for security) said something very profound: "These refugees will forget those who caused this tragedy, but they will not forget those who loved them during it.” Pastor Raja has helped…
IraqRefugee Relief

We Filled the Container!

Chelsea Dischinger, a stay-at-home mom from Southern California, had an incredible burden to do something to help refugees who have been displaced by ISIS and the Syrian civil war. During a discussion Chelsea had with her husband Michael, he reminded her that their friend Jason Law with World Compassion does…
World Compassion Staff
December 11, 2014
IraqNewsRefugee Relief

Iraq in Chaos

The 3-year-old Syrian War has spilled over into Iraq, completely destabilizing the region. ISIS, an extremely violent and blood-thirsty off-shoot of Al Qaeda overthrew Mosul just a week ago and has continued to take city after city on their march toward Baghdad. Their aim is to create an extreme Islamic…