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IraqRefugee Relief


I am 40 years old and was a farmer in northern Syria. I had a combine which I loved using to harvest the wheat. After the fighting started in our area, fuel and food became very expensive and were hard to find. (more…)
Syrian Refugee
October 16, 2013
IraqRefugee Relief

I Am Syria

Since launching our I Am Syria campaign about a month ago, we often hear the question, "What is I Am Syria?" I want to take a quick minute and answer that question from the heart. (more…)
World Compassion Staff
August 30, 2013
IraqRefugee Relief

Fleeing Damascus

I love my city of Damascus but we had to flee. Damascus was in ruins the day we left. My husband's work was bombed, our neighbors were killed in front of our children and the bodies left to rot in the streets. The police had no power to control the…
Syrian Refugee
August 20, 2013
IraqRefugee Relief

I Was a Syrian Pilot

I was a commander in the Syrian Air Force when the war started, however I am also an eye doctor. My duties included managing and dispatching three squadrons of aircraft. As the war developed, and the orders came down to bomb populated civilian areas, Syrian pilots began to defect. I…
Syrian Refugee
August 17, 2013
IraqRefugee Relief

I Lost My Son

One evening I sent my son to the store to buy some groceries. He was just 20 years old. He and a friend were kidnapped by the Regime. After accusations of helping the Free Syrian Army, they were tortured for two days and finally killed. Their bodies were dumped in…
Syrian Refugee
August 13, 2013
IraqNewsRefugee Relief

The Real Victims

There isn't much left of Syria today. The destruction to infrastructure is estimated in the billions, the economy has collapsed, and their currency has no value. The devastation to human life extends far beyond material items. Unfortunately both the Regime and Free Syrian Army have participated in the destruction of…