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Spiritual Development

Singing God’s Will

  The Bible mentions music more than 800 times. That is no minor emphasis. God places great importance on how we respond to Him, and music is one of the primary vehicles He has given us to do so.   Psalm 100:2 commands us to “come before His presence with…
Terry Law
September 11, 2014
ChinaChurch PlantingTraining

Still Underground

Although China is developed economically, and even has the influence of western culture, it is not a free land. We cannot forget that the communist party still rules. Many believe that things have changed for the better, that the grip has loosened on Christian churches because their culture is similar…
BurmaChurch PlantingTraining

Culture Shock

As I stood with around 100 church planters in Burma just a few weeks ago, it hit me hard that we were “playing from behind.” These men looked tired with ragged, old clothes on their worn bodies, but there was a hunger that I had not seen. As we visited,…