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In the Middle East alone, there are more than 1.6 billion Muslims who have never heard the loving and life changing Gospel of Jesus. For this reason, World Compassion is committed to creating and facilitating a religious safe haven for Christians, fighting for Christians to remain in the Kurdish region to continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus.

Since Kurdistan’s referendum vote for independence passed on September 25th, tensions have risen in the area as Iraqi forces have taken pieces of Kurdish territory and reclaimed them. However, World Compassion’s mission remains unaltered: We are advocating for a safe haven for Christians in the Kurdish region. This could be the first place, under the protection of a government in the Middle East, where Christians can worship freely, and we truly believe that Kurdistan is the key to bringing the heart of the Gospel to the Middle East.

Watch the video above to see a short roundtable discussion with World Compassion’s Founder, Dr. Law, World Compassion President, Jason Law, and long-term World Compassion partner, Joel Vesanen. They discuss the most recent developments in Kurdistan following the referendum vote. Please also be in prayer for the Kurdish regional government, leaders in Baghdad and leaders in the United States as they navigate through these developments. To find out more about this project, click here.

“I have a sense in my heart that Kurdistan is being prepared by the Lord, as a country, that could have the heart of the Gospel right in the middle of it, protecting Christians, with evangelism flowing to any parts of the world that God wants to use. I don’t think that Jesus is going to leave 1.6 billion Muslims untouched without a powerful, forceful, move of the Gospel in the Middle East. That’s what I predict. That’s what is coming.”
– Dr. Terry Law, Founder of World Compassion.