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Our work with Syrian refugees is progressing. The opportunity we have had to build relationships with Syrian refugees of Kurdish descent has changed their outlook on Islam and Christianity. Trust between us and them has created an opportunity for open dialogue.

Many refugees still have family and friends in Syria, unable or unwilling to leave. They keep in touch and relay stories about life inside Syria. Just three weeks ago Al Qaeda slaughtered approximately 450 Syrian civilians, including 120 children. This act of brutal terrorism was carried out specifically against Syrian Kurds in Northwest Syria.

The events of the war, coupled with our humanitarian work, has begun to open the door for many ethnic Muslims to consider Christianity. Today in a Skype call with a local pastor working in the refugee camps in Northern Iraq on our behalf, related the following observation.

“The Syrian Kurd refugees are now saying that Islam is a curse for them and not a blessing. They are now beginning to believe that Islam is a religion of killing, because they are witnessing what extreme islamist groups are doing to oppress and kill Kurds.”

These subtle changes show that initial progress is being made to change mindsets. The activity of love expressed through humanitarian relief, and sharing the message of Jesus every month is demonstrating the gospel, not just talking about it. Modeling love to those who have never experienced it is the catalyst that can change the balance of power in the Middle East.

It is our responsibility to seize the opportunity, take the risk, and relentlessly move forward with humanitarian relief efforts and the message of Jesus Christ. Join us.