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The Bible isn’t just a book, and we know that. But to most of us, the Bible is common. It’s available. It’s free. At any time, we can read the Bible online, or access it through an app. There are book stores full of various printed versions, and we often have access to different translations on our own bookshelves. Bibles are common in our society, and we tend to assign less value to the things that are common.

But the Bible is the most uncommon book ever written. It contains the road to eternal life. Its scriptures can bring healing, deliverance, prosperity and peace. It is the enduring story of our savior, Jesus Christ.

The New Testament was written entirely by men who died for their faith and what they wrote. They paid with the price of their lives to deliver us the inspired Word of God.

Today in Iran, it is illegal to own a Bible or talk about Jesus. Right now, Iranian Christians are in prison because of what they believe. Iranian society as a whole lives in oppression under Islamic law.

Although people are extremely hungry for the truth about Jesus and to read the Bible, they have no outlet, no access, as we do, to study the Word of God.

That’s why we work so hard to deliver Bibles to Iran, where God’s Word has been banned for over 30 years. Since 2009, we have delivered over 34,175 Bibles to Christians Iran. 13,625 of these Bibles were in 2013 alone. With your partnership, World Compassion plans to deliver 34,625 Bibles to Iran in 2014.

Due to generous gifts of previous donors, these Bibles have already been printed and are waiting to be delivered in our warehouse. The cost to send a Bible is usually $7.20, but now, you can deliver a Bible to those eager for hope for only $2.50.

An object is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. When you consider buying a Bible for an Iranian Christian, don’t think about what this book is worth to you, but consider the value of accessing forbidden information. Consider the value of a changed life, an inspired life, enriched by the living Word of God.


  • beatrice says:

    Obeying God’s command is the least we can do. “How will they hear if we do not send messengers, and how will the messengers go if we do not send them”? For you and me.

  • Jean Brook says:

    May the Lord bless and protect you and give you favor as you travel to these very dangerous countries.