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Age: 13
Favorite animal: Cat
Favorite food: Water crest
Dream job: Teacher

When my mother passed away, I was very sad. I took care of my 7 younger brothers and sisters in the place of my mom at only 11 years old, including my small baby sister. Many times instead of eating, I would give the food to my younger siblings. Then my father passed away too. It was very hard for all of us.

After he died, my older sister came and took us in. We were forced to earn a living by digging plastic bottles from the trash and selling them to a recycling place. My sister would demand that we give her all the money so that she could buy things for herself. I started to hide some of the money that we would earn so that I could buy food for my younger brothers and sisters and keep it secret from my mean older sister.

Then, my sister brought the older children, my brother and sister and me, to this place, and sent the rest to live at the monastery.

I have never been to a place like this before, and to see the building being built up for me. This is the first time I ever lived in a brick house and I am thankful for that. Now here, everything has been taken care of for me, so I am very happy to be here. I have a new family here now. I feel so blessed because I get to stay in the big, big house. Big thanks to everyone who is supporting us. God bless you all.

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