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After a series of tremendous miracles, Jesus and His disciples were traveling across a body of water. A storm developed while Jesus slept and the disciples became afraid. They woke Jesus up in terror from the storm. Jesus simply looked at His disciples and asked, “Why are you afraid, you of little faith?”

This question deserves more attention in all of our lives. Our lives can often feel like that storm the disciples were experiencing. It becomes so rocky and turbulent we become afraid this storm could be the very thing that takes us down. We cry out to God asking for help.

Could it be that instead of crying out for help, we need to learn from Jesus how to respond to these storms? After Jesus inquired of his disciples, he did two things. He 1) arose and 2) rebuked the wind which resulted in great calm.

These two steps can be applied to your current storm to experience a great calm in your life.

1) Rise Up. This is a position of authority that you take over your situation. The Bible commands that after you have done everything to stand, keep standing. Don’t let your storm keep you down. Rise up. Get on your feet.

2) Rebuke the waves. This now takes your stand of faith and verbalizes it. You need to speak the truth of God’s Word over your situation. If you are depressed, look up scriptures that promise God’s joy, His love, and His peace. If you are neck deep in debt, “Google” scriptures that promise God’s provision in your life.

We have to be obedient to God’s Word. If we are being deliberately disobedient to God’s Word, confessing the promise without obeying the command, we will not see it’s affect in our life. We believe you are walking obediently towards God’s Word.

It is in these two steps that you can experience calm during the storm. Rise up and speak God’s Word with authority.

Be Blessed.