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The winters can be cold and dreary in China. Every year about this time we shuttle in and out of communities throughout the country, under cloudy and rainy conditions, meeting pastors and believers in homes, offices, hotels and coffee shops. We huddle together with our Chinese team planning the expansion of the ABC Discipleship Training and Missions Training Programs for the upcoming year, while keeping a low profile.

In late 2015 we dodged a bullet by changing printing companies for ABC books, as our printer was arrested and fined for printing “illegal religious materials.” There was also talk of another printer sentenced to two years in prison on the same charges.

The ABC program has recovered from the arrest of our former Regional Coordinator working in China. The network of pastors had to be rebuilt over the summer. Since then, we have hired two new Regional Coordinators to manage the 2,637 students currently studying ABC throughout China. These two new employees are trained in and working hard to expand ABC into even more locations throughout China.

2015 was our biggest year yet, as we enrolled 1,700 new students in our two-year ABC discipleship training program.

ABC continues to be an exciting program as we celebrate another milestone – we have now graduated over 2,000 ABC students who studied diligently for two years to complete the program and are now serving in and building house churches throughout China!

As we traveled and met with pastors, planning not just two, but four pastors’ conferences throughout 2016, we were encouraged by their support and desire for ABC. With the expansion of our underground pastors’ conferences in four cities throughout China, we will be able to minister to, refresh and equip over 500 Chinese house church pastors. These conferences are always an incredible time of ministry and continue to forge relationships with new pastors who will utilize ABC to build their church leadership – ultimately helping to start new churches throughout China.

The ABC two year discipleship training program meets the greatest need Chinese pastors have, and that’s raising up new leaders. With 15,000 people coming to Christ every day in China, the church needs equipped people to lead them. That’s exactly what we do in China – train and equip people to lead in local churches!

Thanks to your support and partnership, today we have 2,000 leaders who are helping to grow churches throughout China.

As we heard from one pastor, ABC is so much more than book sets. They appreciate the training on how to run a study group, the monthly accountability and support from our Chinese staff and the relationships that come through the conferences. Together we are truly building and strengthening the Chinese church.

We are so proud of and humbled by the strength of the Christians we work with in China.

They face persecution and adversity every day but press forward in an effort to build the church! It reminds me of this scripture and that we must continue putting every effort into helping train and equip leaders in the underground church in China.

1 Corinthians 15:58 says, “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”

We have a new covert initiative to continue expanding ABC in China that we will keep confidential, but please keep our operations covered in prayer.

Right now all throughout China we have pastors burning up the phone lines requesting ABC book sets and training to implement study groups. Today we need to print another 1,000 book sets to meet the demand to train and equip leaders for the ever expanding Chinese church.

We need your immediate support to pay for book printing and training. Can you stand with us today in prayer and financial partnership for the Chinese Church? They need your continued support.

It costs $114 (£76) to send a student through the two year ABC study program. And we need your partnership to help us make this happen. Please pray about how many students you can sponsor this month. You might be able to partially sponsor one student or maybe you’re in a financial position to sponsor several students. Whatever you can give, we know God will provide all our need. Simply be obedient to what you feel God is leading you to give.

Thank you again for joining with us as together we continue to help expand God’s church in nations hostile to the Gospel.

In Christ,

Jason Law

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