A Story From The Field

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“My name is Yasir. I was a bus driver several years ago.

One night I stopped two men who were trying to rape a woman. They cut me and badly hurt her before running away. I took her to the hospital, but she died there.

Because there were no witnesses, I was taken to court and convicted of murder. I spent three years in jail waiting for them to carry out the death sentence. Finally, the other men were caught for a different crime; and they confessed to killing the woman.

I was released, but my wife had already divorced me. I became depressed.

I got a car and joined a driving service. I started picking up women, raping them and leaving them on the side of the road. I did that for two years.

One day, I had a man in my car. We got into an accident causing his death.

I didn’t have insurance and the accident was my fault, so I was sent to jail again. To be freed, I had to serve the time or pay lots of fines that I couldn’t afford.

I tried to kill myself, but failed.

Suddenly, after three years in prison, I was released when someone paid my fines. I was told a woman named Sarah had paid them. I didn’t know her, so I went to meet and thank her.

I remember seeing two pictures when I went to her home. The first was a picture of Jesus. The second was a picture of the man who had died from the accident I caused.

Sarah told me that it was her husband who I had killed. And before her husband died at the hospital she was able to speak with him. He told her that he prayed his death would help others come to know Christ. She thought he was in shock and talking crazy.

She then told me her husband’s story. He was a drug addict, causing her children to leave the home.

She got so depressed that she wanted to kill herself. She was out of hope.

Until someone gave her a Bible. It helped her, and she gave it to her husband and it helped him, too.

Their lives completely changed. They showed the Bible to their whole family, and everything was restored.

Sarah then gave me the Bible, and for 3 days I kept it and read it.

I realized that I was like Barabbas. He was the man sentenced to death for his crimes, but Jesus took his place.

I went back to Sarah crying. I told her that her husband’s prayers had reached me and worked.

I wanted to change. I wanted to be a believer and share this book too.

There with her, I gave my life to Christ. She and I both wept.

Later, I visited the church where Sarah and her husband went. There I got to meet her children.

I now attend a Bible study with her son every week. He and I help distribute the Bibles that you provide us.”




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