Iran by the Numbers

  1. Iran is home to the fastest growing Christian church in the world, increasing at over 19% a year. Growth like this is the result of a widespread evangelistic movement. In Iran, evangelism is a lifestyle, not a one-time ministry event. 
  2. Research shows that out of Iran’s 99.4% reported Muslims, only 40% actually identify as Muslim. This means the other 59.4% – nearly 50 million people! – are open and searching for a different truth!

Iranians are leaving Islam. Christians are poised to share the Gospel. Together, we can get them the tools they need!

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A Pastor’s Perspective on Evangelism in Iran

“The demand is high. We don’t have to go to the street. The opportunity is right next to our home, right in our immediate family.”

How many people can you help reach in Iran today?

We set a goal to provide 100,000 people with a Bible this year in Iran. At the start of 2022, we had delays with smuggling routes due to security – so we have some ground to make up!

We still have 70,000 Bibles left to reach our goal for 2022. Each Bible costs $7 (£6). That is  $490,000 (£420,000) needed before the end of the year.

Will you help us reach these 70,000 people who are waiting for a Bible in Iran? 

There is unprecedented opportunity to see this Muslim nation awaken for Christ. 

We feel a sense of urgency to respond quickly. We need your help getting these Bibles into the hands of the right people inside Iran. 

In light of recent protests and forced power outages, one of our Iranian leaders shared, “This is why it’s so important to have physical Bibles in the country.”

The Bibles you give today will satisfy the hunger for those searching for truth and empower an evangelistic movement at this critical moment in history.

Note: Numbers have been updated to reflect Bible distributions in real time. Due to the nature of the work, these figures tend to change rapidly. Print pieces and videos may share outdated numbers.

Will you help get Bibles to these 70,000 people in Iran?

Now is the time! Let’s finish the year strong and reach Iranians with the truth of God's Word!

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“The need [for Bibles] is beyond our description and probably our imagination.”

- Pastor Abraham, an Iranian Pastor