Hnin Yu Hlaing

Hnin Yu Hlaing
Birthday: December 31, 2007
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite animal: Tiger
Favorite activity: Singing
Dream job: Teacher
Favorite food: Duck eggs

Before I came to the orphanage, my life was insecure. My mother died, and my father abandoned me and didn’t take care of me, so I had to live under people’s houses (many homes in Burma are raised on stilts). I only ate when other people fed me. My Sunday school teacher tried to feed me, but when he didn’t have enough food, he sent me to this orphanage.

When I first came here, I wasn’t very happy. But now that I’ve been here for nine months, I am happy again. Thank the Lord for that. I am so glad for the new building where we get to stay, too. I am very happy I can now sleep very comfortably. My sister takes care of me, and I love her for helping me take a bath and getting clean. I sing all the time now. I will sing for you.

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