Hse Hse Htoo

Hse Hse Htoo
Birthday: March 15, 2002
Favorite color: White
Favorite animal: Rabbit
Favorite food: Chicken
Favorite activity: Skipping rope and getting up early to pray before helping with the chores
Dream job: Teacher

When my father died, my mother could not take care of me or my younger brother and sister because of the Nargis Cyclone, and so she left us. We were very sad, so pastor came one day and brought us here, and now I have been here for 6 months.

I am so happy to be here. God has given me a new father and mother. The house is very beautiful, safe and clean. I thank God I have the privilege to stay in a safe and beautiful house. I have better food and better clothes to wear. I thank God and all the donors for providing us with good clothing and food. I eat delicious food everyday, and I am very happy.

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