Mya Kyar Phyu Thinn

Mya Kyar Phyu Thinn
Age: 9
Birthday: 9/1/2005
Favorite color: Red (I like people with red hair.)
Favorite animal: Elephant
Favorite food: Chicken curry
Favorite activity: Meal time, especially dinner, study time, and sleeping
Dream job: Minister
Siblings in Orphanage: Naw They Myat Noe Aye and Naw La Min Phyu

My father had liked to drink alcohol and chew Betel nut, but he had always been nice to me and my older sisters. He played games with us and made us laugh. Our mom died from a “bad pain in her heart” (a heart attack). Then one day, our dad left for Yangon to find work and left me and my two older sisters with our auntie. He never came back. Auntie kept us as long as she could, but there was not enough food to feed everyone. One day, she took us to the church where other orphans were staying and explained to us that we had to stay there. All we had were the clothes we were wearing.

However, we felt at home quickly. My smile is contagious, and I am very happy! My sisters help me whenever I am sad and play games with me. Though I am only six, I remember and understand the Bible very well! Jesus died for our sins on the cross. I love Sundays because I go to Sunday School, and learn more about Jesus. I am free of sin because of Jesus.

I like living at the orphanage, especially when they make chicken curry. I never have to worry about food and clothing now. I am very happy here. God bless all who support me.

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