Naw Khu Sae

Naw Khu Sae
Age: 10
Birthday: 2/20/2005
Favorite color: White
Favorite animal: Cats
Favorite food: Potatoes
Favorite subject in school: Math and English
Dream job: School teacher
Siblings in Orphanage: April Linn

My mother remarried a mean man, so my grandmother took us to live with her. She was a teacher at the preschool of our church, and she loved us and provided for us until she got sick. The church took care of grandmother as she battled cancer, and welcomed my sister and me to sleep with the other orphans. Grandmother was in great pain in her final days, and then went to be with Jesus. My big sister April told me not to cry when grandma died because I would see her again in heaven. Now a home has been built for us at this church!

As soon as I arrived at the orphanage, I felt the warmth of welcome like from parents. I have good food to eat all the time. We have mosquito nets here, so the mosquitoes don’t bite us anymore. Thank you to all the donors for the giant building. I never imagined I would be living in this giant building. I will be remembering you in my prayers. May God bless you all.

Naw Khu Sae is fully sponsored! Below, you can see other orphans in Burma who still need your help.