Naw La Min Phyu

Naw La Min Phyu
Birthday: December 3, 2003
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite animal: Elephant
Favorite food: Pork
Favorite activity: Playing and worshipping the Lord with my new friends
Dream job: Doctor
Other fun facts: If I had to choose between going to the moon and going to the bottom of the ocean, I would go to the moon. I like pants more than skirts.
Wants to: Go to England
Siblings in Orphanage: Naw They Myat Noe Aye and Mya Kyar Phyu Thinn

Before I came to the orphanage, I had much difficulty. My mom died of a heart attack right in front of us. We thought we could depend on our father, but he abandoned us. My aunt did eventually take us in, but that didn’t work out either. She said, “I can’t let you stay at my house anymore.” She took us to the orphanage.

God gave me a new father and mother, and when I saw the place, I was very happy. God turned my sorrow into joy. I like it here. I learned to pray. I want to learn English. I am good at cooking and want to learn more. Most of all I want to learn more about God, to be like Him. I want to have the fruit of the Spirit like it says in Galatians 5: 22-23. I tell God how grateful I am. He has been good to me.

I no longer have to worry about food and clothing. I got to meet all the teachers and take pictures with them. Thank you for all the donations from churches and families. I thank God for all the blessings and for the building. God bless you all.

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