Naw Ruth

Naw Ruth
Birthday: July 29, 2009
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite activity: Jumping rope
Favorite food: Chicken

My parents used to work in a hospital cleaning. My father passed away. My mother hasn’t come back since she went to see my brother in prison. I stayed around the hospital where my mom had left me until a man and woman took me to adopt me. They weren’t very nice to me and made me do all the chores. If I didn’t, they beat me.

A preacher heard about me and asked if he could take me to this place. I feel very happy I stay in the very big house. Now I am here, I thank God for my new mom and dad. I feel a lot more secure than before. I now have a chance to go to school and study. I feel very satisfied and I feel the desire of my heart.

Naw Ruth is fully sponsored! Below, you can see other orphans in Burma who still need your help.