Age: 8
Birthday: 12/15/2006
Favorite color: White
Favorite animal: Rabbit
Favorite activity: I like to pull my little car around by its string and pretend I am the driver.
Other fun facts: I have a really big smile.

Before I came here, I stayed with my aunt. She said my dad died and my mom left me. I had to work very hard when I stayed with my auntie. There was not enough food, so my aunt sent me to the orphanage. I thought everyone had left me and that they didn’t want me.

But God gave me a new family here. I am enjoying them. I feel very happy. I think I am a most precious person in this world. When I see the big houses, I feel very happy. I thank God and everyone who is supporting us. Thank you for the building and all the food. May God bless you all.

Samuel is fully sponsored! Below, you can see other orphans in Burma who still need your help.