Saw Kant Way Tun

Saw Kant Way Tun
Birthday: January 27, 2003
Favorite animal: Spiders
Favorite food: Duck
Favorite activity: Football
Favorite color: Pink
Dream job: Engineer
Siblings in Orphanage: That July Moe

I remember my parents fighting and arguing when I was very little, and they got divorced. I don’t know where my dad is, because he left us five years ago to get remarried. In our house, there was only one room. It belonged to my grandmother, who took us in when our mother got very sick and could no longer take care of us. Grandmother was very old, but loved us very much. Finally she was too old to care for us and told us about this place. She said, “This place will be good for you. You will learn scriptures and about God.”

I have learned so much here, and I like church and school. I want to be an engineer one day and build large buildings. Maybe I can do that one day because I am in a good school. I pray I can achieve my goals. I am very grateful for that. There was no one else that would take us in. I could be on the streets. I am excited about the orphanage home that has been built. It has a floor just for the boys and I have my own bed. I have never slept in a bed before. They built a playground too.

I thank God, all the teachers, and you. Thank you for the building and clothing and food. I am praying for all the teachers.

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