Yan Naung Oo

Yan Naung Oo
Birth Date: February 12, 1995
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite food: Beef
Hobby: Cutting Hair
Dream Job: Barber
Favorite Animal: Dog

When I was born, I lived with my mom. I have never met my dad. When I was young, my mom abandoned me at my grandmother’s home. She never came back again. When the Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar, my grandmother died inside the cyclone. I was 11 and was so very afraid because I saw many dead bodies in the river. After that, I found my uncle and stayed with him. He was an alcoholic, and I felt no safety.

One day one of the evangelists came to our village, and he picked me up to live in the Ebenezer Children’s Home. When I arrived at the children’s home, I got a new family, a dad and mom and also brothers and sisters. I think God gave me a blessing that my life is now safe and filled with happiness.

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