Zaw Win Tun

Zaw Win Tun
Birth Date: May 30, 2000
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Food: Beef
Best Hobby: Music
Favorite Animal: Rabbit
Ambition: Doctor

My mom passed away when I was born so I lived with my father. My father was a soldier and he married a new wife. My stepmother would beat me every day, but my father did not say anything. I loved Dad, so I had patience for my stepmotherā€™s beatings. But one day she beat me so badly, my head was bleeding. That time, my father forced me to choose somewhere else to live. He told me of two places, one place with my grandmother and the other the orphanage. I knew if I went to live with my grandmother, I would feel more pain. So I chose the orphanage and arrived at the Ebenezer Children’s Home. Since I have arrived, I have a happy life with a family. I am alive and safe.
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